Loutro is a small village in the province of Sfakia, with a big name around travellers that it certainly deserves! the first image our guests see coming into Loutro's windless port, looking like a hiding place, always stays in their minds and keeps them coming back. Built in two neighborhoods surrounding its natural port, in white and blue, and with no roads and cars, it is considered to be one of the most beautiful villages of Crete.

With history going back to the Roman times, the little the place, the more it has to tell us. Its name was given by Romans because of the "loutra" (baths with natural springs) in the area, and only a stroll around the village will reveal to us ruins of the important ancient town it used to be. Loutro had a leading role in cretan history: piracy, Venetian and Turkish occupation, all periods have left their signs on that little village.

Loutro today, is one of the most known destinations, as it covers all tastes! Ideal for walkers and hikers as it is signed in the E4 european path, ideal for sea lovers with its crystal clear blue water, and -of course- top for anyone who just likes an easy holiday!